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Global business consulting

We are supporting for the new development of products, the technology transfer and he business development, by the expert of the field of life science. Particularly, we utilize the network which is the global information that I cultivated for many years to all of companies thinking of business development in global and meet a demand.

  1. Business strategy support of a bioventure aiming at the new pharmaceutical products development in a global market
  2. The pharmaceutical affair of a bioventure pushing forward the development of new pharmaceutical products, business, support of the corporate strategy
  3. CMC of biologics for the overseas pharmaceutical company, business support to the Japanese market
  4. Factory mock inspection (Mock Inspection) of the overseas pharmaceutical company
  5. Regulatory consultation (GAP Analysis) for the overseas pharmaceutical company product
  6. Study & Meeting on Bioventure business strategy
  7. Bioventure business strategy symposium
  8. I participated in overseas exhibitions and support alliance& matching of the bioventure.
    • Bio Japan 2012 (Yokohama)
    • BioEurope2012( Hamburg)
    • BioAsia2012( Tokyo)
    • Bio Japan 2013 (Yokohama)
    • Bio Europe spring2013( Barcelona)
    • Bio Europe 2013 (Vienna)
    • BioShowcase2014( San Francisco)
    • Bio Europe spring2014( Turin)
    • Bio Europe 2014( Frankfurt)
    • Meeting with Alsace biocluster2013
    • Meeting with Cataronia biocluster2013
    • Meeting with Medicon Valley2014
  9. Mergers and acquisitions introduction of the overseas medical equipment maker
  10. Introduction of the overseas diagnostic agent maker

*We help with the Japanese market entry of the overseas companies.
Regarding unused IP assets of IT/electric companies, we support to use them
by global deals.
PRIMEINC (InventErgy Japan agency)

The administration of the technical cloud matching site:

In February, 2014, we started up cloud portal site of the technique matching to support non-utilization technology of the medium and small-sized companies, the active utilization of the prominent technique in Techinfo Japan
A lot of superior techniques that are not utilized lie in manufacturing Japan.
In addition, know-how of the industrialization is poor and there are many present conditions that are not utilized and, in the medium and small-sized companies, is supposed without associating with there being the prominent technique.
It is the system that technique (Sell Site) that I want to sell that I want to introduce and technique (Buy Site) which I want to buy needing fuse on a site in this matching site, and matching does mutual needs.
An expert helps with the characteristic of this site until a technical evaluation, a contract and is to be able to be tied to real business smoothly and quickly.
It is not limited to the field to introduce, but medical care, medicine, medical equipment, a diagnostic agent, IT, a machine play a key role. Our person in charge performs the help of the utilization to global actively.
We introduce a technique necessary technically having it by all means in the companies and expect that I connect it with business expansion.

1. Technical introduction of manufacturing Japan

  • There is a splendid technique.
    A way of the utilization is not understandable
  • There is not the person in charge for alliance.
  • In order to introduce it to the domestic and foreign companies, company does not know what I should do.
  • A way of the contract is not understandable.
  • There is not the experience of the contract with foreign countries.
  • There is not a human network.
  • Others

2. Request the technologies to be necessary.

  • Looking for a new technique to solve the problems of a product under development.
  • Looking for a new technique to solve the problems of a the launched product.
  • Planning new development of products and look for a necessary technique.
  • Others

Japanese Biotech companies

1. M Bio Technology Inc

I develop mycoplasmal inspection medicine, vaccine.

2. Interprotein Corporation

New medicine development in a technique of the interaction between the protein.

3. TMS Co.,Ltd

Development a new cerebral infarction therapeutic drug.

4. Nomadic Bioscience Co.,Ltd

Development of the new separation, purification technology of antibody medicine.

5. BioComo Inc

Development of a thing of vaccine such as an infectious disease, a cancer.



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